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National data opt out and SSNAP

Patients should note that the National Data Opt-Out ( does not apply to data entered onto SSNAP for audit purposes. If a patient has opted out via the National Data Opt-Out, their data will still be included.

Patients can choose to opt-out of the audit locally, such that their personal identifiable information will not be stored or used for any purpose by the audit. Opting out from SSNAP will not affect the care a patient receives.

For more information on how to opt-out from the audit or access the data collected about you, please contact your hospital directly or a member of the SSNAP team at

The National Data Opt-Out will be applied to any confidential patient information used for purposes outside the scope of the audit, this includes research. For more information on how SSNAP data is used in research, please see:​ 

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